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Published on July 9th, 2019 | by voxx


Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Siege – Update Y4S2

The ‘Rainbow 6’ franchise has been a hit for many gamers across the world, and Ubisoft did wonders creating it. More recently, on 11 June 2019, a new season came to ‘Rainbow 6 Siege’ called ‘Operation Phantom Sight’, which includes two new operators and a new Meta (how the game is played and the way other players act and think).

One operator is a new attacker called NØkk, who was taken from the Danish Jӓger Corps and can become invisible to cameras and defending gadgets with the activation of her hel presence tool. With this tool she can also step silently if walking or crouching. This gadget has such a massive impact on the Meta of the game because the previously added ‘Mozzie’ (who could hack and control attacking drones with his P.E.S.T. launcher) was becoming a problem in trying to have any sort of surprise over the enemy or trying to get anything done in general.

NØkk can become invisible to base cameras, Valkyrie cameras, Maestro Turrets and bullet proof cameras, and this means she can sneak past and surprise an enemy, or even test their skill with a rush at the beginning of the round. However, the ever so powerful Mozzie hacked drones and Echoe’s yokai drones see NØkk producing white blur and fuzz on the screen and they can temporarily guess the location. These two reconnaissance drones are not the only downfalls of NØkk’s ability, as she cannot pass through barbed wire either without becoming undetected, and she will also be partially visible to cameras if stepping on a lesion mine or being stung. Overall, she is a very powerful operator and in specific situations she can be extremely useful, but at times also very underwhelming, especially with the recycling of the FMJ-9 (SMG) and SIX12 (Shotgun) as the primary weapons, a topic which has sparked mixed emotions amongst players, even several weeks into the season.

The second operator is a defender called Warden, from the special service in America. His ability gives him the skill to see through smoke grenades while standing still with his glasses turned on, and makes him immune to any sort of flash or stun grenades. This of course brings a whole new play style to the table, as operators such as Ying could become useless.

With this change to the game and Warden’s ability to see through smoke, there was also a nerf made to balance Glaz. The most used operator to use smoke is Glaz, who in the past would not have to stand still to see through smoke with his thermal scope. However, with this update he becomes more skilled and also has to stand still and wait. Warden’s gadget is very useful at the right moment, but it is also very situational, making him unfortunately quite useless at times.

- By Lewis Jones

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