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Published on October 11th, 2018 | by voxx


#TBT The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Rocky Horror Picture show is Sci-fi /Horror Musical , about young couple Brad and Janet, played by Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon. After they wed they find a mysterious castle owned by Dr Frankenfurter, played by legendary Tim Curry.

At first they are surprised to find a vast array of characters singing and dancing to the iconic song The Time Warp, after which point the film then continues along it’s merry way playing many frivolous hits and dance numbers to give you a good jig (don’t forget to dance along). So you can understand why after 43 years the film is still such an iconic cinematic gem, a true cult classic. Iconically, the film couldn’t have gone anywhere without Curry’s acting chops, and you have to credit the perfect casting, which could have only been handled by the front runner himself Richard O’ Brian, who helped write the original musical play (one of the reasons the songs are so catchy).

You also have to credit the amazing performances. Of course, you could point the finger at Curry but the other cast members do a great job as well, particularly in the songs, which considering the film came out in 1975, are quite ballsy, involving a lot of tight clothing which you can often only see in some really raunchy films (with some quite devilish titles, we won’t go into them). But it’s the icon that is this story that you really have to applaud. We have to praise O’Brian here for coming up with such an idea, one that is bold, encouraging, a little raunchy at times and so addictive that you could watch it time and time again and not get bored.

Curry’s performance is magnetic, Sarandon is historic in her early career and O’Brien is, well, a genius. In conclusion, ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ is simply a brilliant and inspiring musical number that didn’t quite make it when it came out, but over time became thunderously approachable, and that’s why it must be seen by everyone who hasn’t seen it already.

- By Jade Robinson

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