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Published on December 10th, 2015 | by voxx


My First Football Match

A couple of weeks ago I went to Anfield football stadium with my dad and stepbrother to watch Liverpool play in action in the Champions League and it was my first experience of going to a proper live football match. Everything went well and there were thousands of people at the stadium, supporters of both teams. Liverpool won 2-1 which is a good result because my dad and stepbrother are both Liverpool supporters. They were both happy that their team won at full time and I was happy as well because the experience of going to a proper football stadium went really well and I felt really happy for my dad and stepbrother. It was a really good night because I was cheering on Liverpool with my dad and stepbrother and Liverpool are my second favourite football team. I also got to have a KFC on the way back as we were leaving to make our journey back to Lincolnshire. It was 10:30pm before we even left Liverpool so we didn’t get home until around 2am on Friday morning.

Liverpool were losing at first because they gave a free kick to the other team and they scored, but Liverpool managed to pick up the possession and win the game, which was absolutely fantastic.

We had a really good view of the football match from the seats in the corners and we got to see the players on the field warming up ready for the start of the big game. When the players came out onto the pitch ready for the game they were singing an anthem with the whole team stood next to each other singing anthems, including the referee. It was awesome going to see Liverpool in action against this other team in the champions league and I am pleased Liverpool managed to win because they got qualified to go into the final.

Anfield football stadium is a brilliant stadium for getting a good view of the game. The journey to Liverpool and back wasn’t too good because the traffic was really bad on the M62 on the way because of an accident, but we managed to get there just in time to see the full game from the beginning to end. It was worth going to see this brilliant game even though the traffic was bad because it was brilliant having my first experience of watching a football match from a proper football stadium instead of watching it on TV.

When we got close the football stadium on Thursday night I was really surprised at the size of the building and it was even better seeing the pictures of the players on the outside of the stadium as you go through the entrance. I was amazed at how many people managed to attend the football match on that night and every single moment of it I enjoyed. The journey back was a lot better than on the way because at the time of night there wasn’t much traffic on the motorways at all and that made things a lot quicker to get home. I’m going to see more football games in the future and it will probably be Liverpool again. It will only be for the Championship games because for the Premier League it’s a lot harder to get tickets. When the next season starts next year 2016-2017 we are going to try and get tickets for the premiership games which will also be awesome because I’ve already had my first experience of going to see a live football match which was for the championship and I really enjoyed myself for that.

The best part of going to a football match was cheering the team on to make sure Liverpool won. Loads of people cheered Liverpool on and they managed to win so it was a brilliant night. My dad and stepbrother enjoyed themselves supporting the team.

By Jack McClean

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