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Published on September 27th, 2017 | by voxx


Miraculous Incidents

I have always been a curious individual as far as I can remember. I have always asked ‘why?’, and generally, I have always found it satisfying to have reached an answer that methodically explains why ‘a + b = c’, so to speak. However what has intrigued me in more recent times, strange to say, is the mysteriousness behind bizarre events that occur on planet Earth, but have no solid explanations for as to how or why they happened.

You might think that this aspect flies in the face of my penchant for wanting to have a solid answer for the when, why, how, and where, but I do love the air of tension that arises out of reading such eerie stories. We all love a top 10 unsolved mysteries YouTube video, right? I needn’t have even asked such a silly question in retrospect. Well, this is how I found out about a particular incident that really caught my attention.

The teleportation incident of Gil Perez is one of the more astounding accounts that I have come across, which describes the unthinkable. The story goes that on October 24th, 1593, Gil Perez, a Spanish solider responsible for guarding the Palacio Del Gobernador, based in Manilla, the Philippines, mysteriously went missing. Gil was feeling the effects of heat exhaustion from the weather, and reasonably decided to lean on a wall during his duty hours to take the edge off. It was at that fateful moment that he found himself in a completely new location. In fact, he was situated at Plaza mayor in Mexico City, over 1000’s of miles away.

Upon arriving on the morning of the 24th, he was wearing his uniform and was walking around to his utter surprise amongst the streets of Mexico, most probably bewildered at how he managed to arrive at that destination in such a short space of time. He himself had no recollection of how he arrived there, which makes the account all the more strange, and he was accused for his sudden appearance by the locals. Shortly thereafter, he was thrown in jail for being deemed a deserter.

This was during a highly tense period as the Governor of the Philippines; Gomez Perez Dasmarinas had been assassinated. Gil knew about the death of the Governor and after announcing this to the locals, as you can imagine, they were skeptical and did not believe him. However, a good couple of months passed by and a ship from the Philippines had arrived in Mexico with passengers who acted as eye witnesses, confirming that Gil was indeed working in Manila on the 23rd. They also confirmed the death of the governor. The stark nature of this occurrence has been supported by eye witnesses on this ship, who claim to have seen him on the 23rd October doing his job.

How on earth did he go from receiving orders on the 23rd to being located thousands of miles across the Pacific on the 24th you ask? Good Question. At the time it was not possible to travel at such speeds and yet his whereabouts was clearly seen in both Manila and Mexico. Thus, the story is quite the enigma. Some have speculated that the incident is a hoax, but the story has stood the test of time, being a rather miraculous and curiously inconclusive case which people still recall today – spooky to say the least.

- By Steven Keane

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