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Published on April 9th, 2019 | by voxx


Love Death + Robots

I love beautifully animated pieces of media. I also love a mini, self-contained story that gets me to think or laugh. Hence, I have recently been enjoying Netflix’s new series, simply known as ‘Love, Death + Robots’, or ‘L,D+R’ for short. This is a series of episodes, each with its own story and world, very similar to the popular ‘Black Mirror’, with eye-catching visuals, creepy to hilarious characters and monsters, and of course a memorable display of creativity and uniqueness that truly makes the stories stand out.

Each story can heavily change in tone and genre. One might involve a group of mercenaries fighting off terrifying Dracula monsters in a moment of pure terror and horror, while another could follow the tale of a yoghurt that takes over the world. Each story stands out on its own, with lots of mixed messages and themes, which I love, as this variety creates a new, fresh approach to storytelling. Some of my favourites include ‘THREE ROBOTS’, ‘SUITS’, ‘SUCKER OF SOULS’, ‘BEYOND THE AQUILA RIFT’, ‘GOOD HUNTING’ and ‘SHAPRE-SHIFTERS’, as they have so much uniqueness to them with worlds that you can really get invested in, or that simply make you feel something for the characters.

The animation for all of them is stunning, to the point where I sometimes struggle to even tell if it is animation or live action. This is a compliment within itself, though the 2D animation too is very fluid, which I absolutely love and always will. From ‘SONNIE’S EDGE’ and its greatly detailed monster fights, to ‘WHEN YOGHURT TOOK OVER’s cute and 3D blocky animation, to even the Spider-Verse-like animation of ‘THE WITNESS’, each world in itself paints a story and makes me want to know more about that world. They are all built up so well and make you question unformattable possibilities and flaws in humanity.

Of course, no series is perfect and this is no exception. My biggest issue is that while the variety is good, it also means we only get to see each world for a single episode, and if it continues like ‘Black Mirror’ I doubt we’ll ever see them again. This is a shame, because I really love some of the worlds and would love to see stories like ‘GOOD HUNTING’ or ‘THE DUMP’ get more expansion to reach their world’s full potential. Another issue is that some of the stories just end without much of a pay-off, and though they are sometimes funny they can end up feeling empty or anti-climatic. Thankfully though, this isn’t all that common.  Finally, a common theme among the episodes is sex and graphic violence, which not everyone can get over, and so the experience is ruined because of it.

But, despite all of this, I would still highly recommend ‘L,D+R’ for its creativity, animation, and of course the refreshing nature of this type of storytelling. I love seeing creativity first and foremost, and I feel shows like this can still deliver and are able to shine against our Hollywood-ruled era of remakes, reboots and repeated superhero movies, which is a positive sign for the future. So please, if you get the chance and want something a little different, watch ‘Love, Death + Robots’.

- By Samuel Wood

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