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Published on September 18th, 2019 | by voxx


Living with Asperger Syndrome

What actually is Asperger Syndrome (AS), you might ask? Well, this condition comes from the study of an Austrian paediatrician, Hans Asperger. It cannot be cured and yet unfortunately, those who are on the ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), cannot be seen as disabled, even though it can come with a number of problems.

Those with AS suffer a number difficulties and mental health issues, meaning additional support is often needed in certain areas. These usually include things like social life, how to go about obtaining employment, and understanding and learning how to approach things in different ways. And whilst sufferers tend to be of above average intelligence in their own interests or subjects (such as having an exceptional memory of a film script they can recite by heart, for example), they unfortunately have less knowledge and intelligence within their general education, and struggle more with this than normal people or even those with normal ‘Autism’. Other difficulties can include taking in and processing language, and will at times require something to either be explained again or even written down. Asperger Syndrome can overwhelm too, which may cause people to suffer with anxiety at times. This can link into not relating to other people and their feelings, and thinking the opposite of what someone’s trying to say, or when taking part in work, school or everyday life.

People with AS often wonder why they’re so ‘different’ to other people and why others don’t understand or don’t take an interest in understanding. Autistic people as a whole, including those with Asperger Syndrome, have difficulties understanding specific language types and may take a lot of things said literally, even if it’s a joke. They may sometimes struggle with how to respond, and will often just pull a facial expression, or just a laugh to go with the flow.

Again, while those who live with AS have great language skills and a wide vocabulary, they still find it difficult to understand others. They struggle to think about how others may feel, or how they’d act or respond. Aspergers can be hard as it can come across as insensitive, as showing or feeling no concern for others’ feelings. People with AS will often seek out time alone from other people when stressed out or overloaded, instead of seeking the comfort of others. They feel uncomfortable, and yet people perceive it as awkward or less socially appropriate.

That’s not to say the world can’t be consistent for people with AS who choose to have their own daily routine. This includes when and how to do certain things that they may not like to do at another time, or taking another approach to try and combat the difficulty to cope with change.

Many with Asperger Syndrome have very highly focused interests, particularly from a young age, whether it’s a certain film or piece of music, which are usually are revisited time and time again, to this day, or an entirely new interest. It’s always best to keep your best interests to yourself, because you know what makes you happy. AS changes your life and the way others see you, but that doesn’t mean you’re interests and comforts are any less valid.

- By Oliver Aisthorpe

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