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Published on September 2nd, 2016 | by voxx


Gishwhes: “One Act of Kindness can Change the World”

Gishwhes? What is gishwhes?

Well, it’s basically a massive scavenger Hunt that takes place the first week of August.

Players or “Gishers” (People who join in with gishwhes) compete from anywhere in the world, including their own home, creating weird and beautiful “art” online and in the world, doing crazy fun activities, and committing heart-warming acts of kindness. You’re put into a team of 14 people, consisting of either friends or other people from around the world to complete over 150 items. A few of the “items” this year included Building a raft, creating your pet’s heavy rock album and even drawing Jensen Ackles face on a skittle! After the hunt has ended it normally takes 45-60 days for the judges to pick a winner. When they have chosen their winning team and another twenty runner ups, the winners will join Misha Collins at an exotic location. This year they get to go on a trip to Iceland, while last year it was Costa Rica and before that Croatia, Scotland and Rome.

I did gishwhes this year and last and it is one of the best weeks that I look forward to every year. Not only do you get to make and do weird but fun stuff, but you also make new friends and bring joy to the people it affects. Before the hunt began on 30th July I asked people to join and I was getting a lot of the same kinds of questions. “Is it really worth it?” – “Does it really matter if I join?” – “It’s just another week?”

All it costs is £15 to join and all profit goes to the charity Random Acts. But £15 isn’t much when in the single week of gishwhes we raised £160,000 to help change the lives of FOUR families thrust into desperate circumstances by the civil war in Syria. On top of that we raised £240,000 to buy 18,000 lifestraws (a single lifestraw signifies that one family in Kenya has been supported with safe water for a year). We also raised another £380,000 to help the Random Acts charity build a high school in Nicaragua that provides education for young people and adults who are excluded from regular schooling. Random Acts also helps people such as those still suffering from the aftermath of Haiti by rebuilding their homes, communities, and lives.

In just seven days we raised nearly £800,000, changing the lives of so many people around the globe, and that was an amazing thing to be a part of.

GISHWHES isn’t about winning, it’s about helping out and showing people that you care enough to make a difference. It isn’t “just another week.” It gives us a chance to make this world a better place with one simple act of kindness…

Like Misha Collins once said “We are going to conquer the world, one random act of kindness at a time.”

That is the kind of world I want to live in.

- By Caz White




Is there something in your community that needs to be fixed and your first thought is “Someone should really do something about that” – Well be that person. Extra points for getting a child involved.


Contribute to the gishwhes world forest. Plant a small tree in a place you are fairly certain the tree can live out its full life. Submit before and after photos.


You’re on a zombie infested island and the army have forgot about you. There’s no more boats left so you must improvise. Build a raft out of rubbish (You’re allowed to use anything electrical to build it but not to help you keep it afloat) and see off to see if it will get you to safety.


Your pet has just released their first, much anticipated heavy metal rock album. Show us the cover art.


We’ve all seen and read stories about families in Africa and how they drink, wash, bathe, etc. in dirty water. Most of us take water for granted. Let’s help provide clean water for these families.

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