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Music 'One' cover

Published on June 16th, 2017 | by voxx


Fallen Fields – One

Track by Track Review

Back in April Fallen Fields released their debut Album ‘One’ I decided to give it a listen and see what the guys have been up to -

1. Dead To Me – Opening to a swinging Rock and Roll riff it’s a mix of Garage Rock with Dave Grohl Foos-esq vocals that leaps headlong into a pumping Chorus.
2. Bunny God – A slow chugger with Bluesy undertones and an immense use of the dual guitars riffing off each other.
3. Do What They Say – No messing here fast punky and to the point, It’s a bit Billy Idle a bit Ramones a lot of fun a powerful middle 8 really set this one out as it slips into a more Alt Rock Feel before the hoping riff returns.
4. If This Is All There Is – Progressive from the off it’s a delight of wandering bass and tinkling guitars – they’re bloody good at them chorus bits! This one’s EPIC.
5. Where You Go – Now we’re off to a more Modern Americanised Metal sound progressing into a sweeping Nu Metal feel.
6. Sway – BIG FAT METAL RIFFS, Moody Harmonised Vocals more of that Nu Metal vibe done really really right Vocals remind me of Josh Homme at his best – It just works really well – This is easily my favourite track on the record.
7. Serenado – Is that Black Betty? No – Vocals sound like Blancmange living on the ceiling not intended as a slight I actually like the song. It has a weird upbeat punky sound which actually compliments how jaunty it all feels.
8. Forever Never – Chunky Riffs reminiscent of Weezer’s Good Stuff, Radiohead-esq vocals delivered softly but with intense precision – fantastic stuff!
9. The Rising – Slow and menacing has a hip shaking Rated R era Queens of the Stone Age feel with a bit of Foos for good measure – just the good stuff.
10. Choked – Back to the in your face Punk Rock, the guitars of the Clash the woo ho ho chorus shouts of the Ramones the Chorus wouldn’t sound out of place in one of Elvis Costello’s more rocky numbers.
11. Last Lament – Here’s the big finish and it’s a BIG, trippy, bluesy, psychedelic fantastic end to a really solid album.

Overall this is a really solid offering with all the best of modern popular rock and metal – it feels as though it has been put together with the utmost of respect for the band’s influences without allowing themselves to be to stuck in there shadows.

Every track is teeming with nods and new takes on the same old giving new life to a multitude of genres – there’s something for everyone here.

You can get the Album now via Bandcamp -

Words by Luke Goodhand

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