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Film/TV Edward Scissorhands

Published on February 24th, 2020 | by voxx


Edward Scissorhands 30th Anniversary

Edward Scissorhands the film about the man with scissors for hands – it’s iconic at this point, you all know it, you’ve most likely seen it, either in passing by, a few clips on YouTube, or just flicking the TV channels, its a film that most or likely all of us have grown up with, have enjoyed watching on many previous occasions specifically Christmas. It’s up there as a cinematic classic. And why would it not be? It’s timeless, it never gets old and with some of it, and director Tim Burton is relieved that some of the films messages, quotes and actions are still remembered today. In fact if you are lucky enough you might even see Edward’s infamous costume as a classic Halloween get-up when people can dress up as the character and be recognised. Edward is a formidable cinematic character at this point. And three decades later it’s still just as good, just as enchanting as it was on the big screen.

There’s a lot things to love about it, and why wouldn’t you? Johnny Depp’s charismatic performance as the title role is enough to draw you in just by hearing the name, though Depp at the time, just 27 years old and was already a Hollywood A lister after starring in Wes Craven’s 1984 classic slasher A Nightmare on Elm Street and this is his first film with Burton, the director as we all know is the guy with the crazy hair, who three years later produced the Christmas and Halloween related stop-motion animation The Nightmare Before Christmas but before that we have this, the film had made him a cinematic success and made him a household name before he collaborated with Depp a lot of times. The plot, too is timeless, it’s a very simplistic one, not over-done by any convoluted measures, silly thrills that come out of nowhere, no this story is a literal and true fairytale. All he is, is a synthetic man with scissors for hands, like the whole hand, he is taken in by a kind Avalon make-up saleswoman named Pat, the fantastic Dianne Wiest (Lost Boys) after the death of his inventor, horror legend Vincent Price who comes off as sort of a Doctor Frankenstein type person, you can just imagine him saying “it’s alive” but alas this was Price’s last film as three years later he passed away after a battle with Parkinson’s Disease. Edward is welcomed to the gorgeous suburb that looks like something you see in The Stepford Wives below the foot of his creepy mansion home, to people who evidently see him as a freak of nature, or perhaps they are just interested in the new item on show. He’s immediately made a big part of the community, he’s a man that can do literally everything, he can cut bushes, dog’s hair and even cut the long curls off a woman’s head. They see him as a hero, a big help to the community. All goes well for him, until suddenly he’s framed for a crime he didn’t commit, and the community sees him as a monster.

In a way, that there is a message to society, that when a new person comes in you immediately welcome them as one of your own but when something bad happens and that person is put into the mix we suddenly see them as a monster or terrifying that must be exterminated immediately. So in a way Edward Scissorhands is more than just a beautifully shot and masterfully told fairytale, in a way it’s seen as a message for the horrible pit of society. And both Burton and Depp come across that barrier beautifully, granted in the film Depp’s word count is only just under the 200 mark (192 words to be precise) but every word is said with such grace and pure innocence its outstanding that he didn’t even get nominated for an Academy Award, well not until the turn of the century anyway.
But his performance here is outstanding.

In conclusion, Edward Scissorhands’ message is a deeply cut way into society, the characters are well made and Burton’s direction and production design is stunning and you can probably bet that this is going to be just as good, just as enchanting and just as magical especially that gorgeous original score it’ll all be just as enticing in the next 30 years and it’s definitely something you can enjoy with the whole family.

VERDICT: Burton’s 1990 fairytale is charming, stunning, and a one-of-a-kind venture that will be enjoyed for many more years. And just as loved as it was 30 years ago. A timeless classic.

By Corey Denford

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