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Published on May 2nd, 2019 | by voxx



‘Doom’ is an action shooter, released in 2016 and created by Bethesda, best known for titles such as Skyrim, Fallout and a buggy engine. Bringing back a retro shooter is difficult to say the least, as you have to appeal to fans of both retro and modern games. However somehow, they pulled it off. “The game is amazing” is a complete understatement to the glory of this game, which I’m sure will still be talked about for generations to come. Doom Guy is back as is tradition, and he’s angry and in hell.

Story-wise, this ‘Doom’ starts after ‘Doom 2’, as you awake from your slumber on Mars to find a military base overrun with the demons of hell. Five seconds later you have your armour on, grab a gun and never stop shooting down demons. There’s a little plot about a facility on Mars while Dr. Samuel guides you, but Doom Guy barely cares as he smashes everything important to pieces over the course of the narrative, rendering any plot-related items irrelevant – unless it’s shaped like a weapon, of course. It’s a refreshing experience not having to leave the action for a conversation. It is there, but only as an excuse to rip demons limb from limb and for some optional world-building background history.

Being set on Mars and in hell, the game also looks glorious and really shows how far this industry has come. Seeing new designs for classic enemies with new strategies from the 1995 days has never been better, and the levels at times look simply jaw-dropping. Jam packed with secrets, you will get lost in huge levels of useful collectables to retro levels from the original ‘Doom’. And of course you experience a sense of humour rarely seen these days in the little Doom Guy figures and retro call-backs, designed for a simple laugh. Each of the game’s locations is unique in set up and exploration, though one or two early levels can feel a little similar. Still, overall, from the gates of hell it has never looked more deadly.

Running and gunning has also never felt this good in decades. There’s no cover, and the only healing method is ripping open enemies. There’s no reloading and the levels are massive – a cookbook for greatness! The area-style gameplay is truly thrilling, jumping around and shooting different enemies while planning the best way to deal with the various swarms thrown at you. Gone is cover shooting, so you have to be quick and use different weapons to your advantage – and there’s a lot to choose from.

You might opt for shotguns (my personal favourites), rocket launchers, mini guns, chainsaws, the BFG 9000; the list is never-ending, yet you never feel safe. Each weapon handles very different, making different ones better for different situations and sets of demons. The mods and upgrades available are worth the effort of getting, as they allow you to customise any gun in two builds, from grenade launchers to sniper rifles. Unleashing these abilities feels glorious and satisfying, no matter what happens in the battle, though if you’re not quick on your feet you’ll be dead on the spot. Glory killing an enemy for extras in an extremely gory way was always satisfying anyway, and adding secret relics to your character is… well… you weren’t already overpowered enough?

Enemies come in all shapes and sizes, from the tiny grunts to the deadly hell knights. Some fly, use different weapons, move faster, take millions of bullets; there’s too many abilities to list. Each arena is a joy as no enemy is the same and the endless options for death brings a smile to your face. Bosses are also really impressive, taking a ton of skill to master their patterns. It’s just you and them – no minions, no unfair healing, just your character against the forces of evil. Just you vs hell.

Music-wise, it’s all metal, which is well suited to getting your blood pumping. It never gets old, but not much is that memorable. Multiplayer is alright as well, but again nothing too impressive. It’s there if you want to increase gameplay time, but there’s no reason you won’t enjoy replaying the main campaign again and again.

The conclusion is simple; you must buy this game. It’s well worth the time and still continues to sell well, having come to Nintendo Switch. From the thrill to the weapons to the enemies to the levels and of course the enjoyment, I can’t stress enough how much I adore ‘Doom’. Here’s hoping other shooters follow in its footsteps, and that ‘Doom Eternal’ won’t let us down.

- By Samuel Wood

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