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Published on October 19th, 2017 | by voxx


Don’t Dismiss Art

With modern technology at the stand point it is, people have less of a want for classic examples of art. With some of the best people in the art world gone behind us we are in sort of an artistic slump, and the jobs that used to be so important are now considered lesser.

Through my time of trying to achieve an artistic education, I have had the full plethora of jokes and comments come my way, such as ‘the only difference between an art and philosophy major, is that one asks you why do want fries with that’, or very blatantly, ‘it’s pointless, and it doesn’t go towards anything’.

But even with this down put, these people are ignorant to why art is as important today as it was any other day.

Practical uses for art, such as the design and creation of clothing, bedspreads, wall hangings etc. are still much needed to keep the public buying a product. There are architects which, to very simply put it, design the world you live in. The cartoons, TV shows, films, all require an art director to make the film more visually appealing to the audience, as well as illustrators and graphic designers that create the book covers and the story boards to some of the most beloved media in the entertainment industry. Art in the way we see it in everyday life, is in short, underappreciated.

Art in the traditional sense is there to define us, to provoke us, to create a social construct that we didn’t know existed. A lot of movement and culture in the world is started and supported by the rise of certain types of art. Art used to serve the state and religious reasons, but now if ever it calls out the state, it questions religion, and it provokes discussion amongst the public.

To create is to live, which sounds generic, but really it’s just fact. We do it as children; we did it as cavemen. For whatever reason it’s in the genetics of every person on the planet. So to dismiss it, is to dismiss culture, entertainment, emotion, politics and everything else in life.

- By Imogen Hartley

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