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Music DJ Koze

Published on May 16th, 2018 | by voxx


DJ Koze – Knock Knock

The former novelty techno DJ dreams up a psychedelic wonderland…

DJ Koze emerged in the noughties as a clubland prankster. Sampling the grunts and thwacks of a women’s singles match, or philosophical screeds about ecstasy, the German producer used sometimes absurd means to tickle attentive ravers while puppeteering muscles they’d forgotten they had. He’s since cooled the antics, and on his first LP in five years he instead masters the sound of ecstatic drift: music to make your heart dance.

Knock Knock is a visionary blend of minimal techno and armchair psychedelia, jammed with canny features. There’s a disco showdown with Roísín Murphy (‘Illumination’), an elegantly deployed Bon Iver sample on ‘Bonfire’, José González is melancholic on ‘Music On My Teeth’, while the funkier ‘Colors of Autumn’ finds Arrested Development rapper Speech patiently explaining that he’s “not a one-girl man” over fluttering, feather-light guitars.

Despite his characterful guest list, Koze swirls Knock Knock into a blissfully spangled mush: hazy, yellowed melodies offset by jittery synths and consoling orchestral loops. It peaks with a perfect song called ‘Planet Hase’. “Circling the sun/Until your race is run,” goes the persevering refrain, its mournful note almost lost amid Koze’s aural largesse. He’s now fully transformed from a novelty techno specialist into a dextrous serotonin-artist, seemingly able to make you feel everything at once.

- By Jake White

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