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Published on April 20th, 2015 | by voxx


Black Cat Bones Interview!!

Your band is called is Black Cat Bones, what made you go with this name?

The name originates from a Muddy Waters song, Hoochie Coochie Man, written by Willy Dixon, I think it’s something to do with Hoodoo, way back when they’d catch Black Cats and boil them alive at midnight and wear the bones to keep away evil spirits, or other things. There was a band that Paul Kossoff was in before he was in Free, called Black Cat Bones, he asked Paul Rodgers to join but he said no, then they formed Free, Free are my favourite band so it was kind of a nod to them I guess, plus Rimmer asked me to join the band he was in at the time and I said I wanted to form a completely new outfit.

You play a lot of gigs within the local scene, what have you learnt from doing this?

At first when we started out we’d say yes to any gig that came up, we quickly learnt that certain venues charge a fortune to get in then you don’t see any of the money, or the promoters don’t actually promote the gig, they book the bands make a Facebook event and consider it job done, also there’s not much point us playing with a bunch of indie cindies, so we learned to pick and choose.

How have your fan base responded to your music?

We’re getting some wonderful feedback from people which is nice, somebody working in the studio listening to one of the tracks said he thought it was Velvet Revolver which I took as a huge compliment! I think people where happy we finally brought something out, we spent 18 months trying to get a record out so it was a weight off the shoulders when we finally did!

Been an unsigned band how important do you find social media?

Social media, I don’t really know where I’d be without it to be honest! We were talking about it as a band the other day actually, I can’t imagine how bands used to make contacts haha, obviously apart from playing shows. It’s a very useful tool because everyone seems to glued to their phones and other devices these days. The thing I’d say is wrong with it though is people substitute work they should be doing by being a keyboard warrior, like I mentioned before about promoters making an event and thinking they’ve done there job etc.

You’ve recently released an EP – How do you guys make your songs relevant to the audience?

I’m not sure how I’d answer that really, I don’t think we think about making them relevant, when we’re writing it tends to just come out how it is. I tend to write lyrics when I’m angry or upset by something, one of my favourite sets of lyrics is Estranged by GnR, the sorrow and heart ache in that song is amazing, you can feel it, I think everyone can relate to that because everyone’s been upset by something, We have a song we haven’t recorded yet, called Too Be Free, it’s about working for what feels like nothing somewhere you don’t really like, it goes ‘get up early morning, working everyday, like a dog for the company just to pay my way, I was not designed for no soulless nine to five, I was born to live not just to survive’ I think people will relate to that.

What have you got planned for the summer?

Summer feels like forever away, we’re playing in London in July, I think well just go with what ever feels like the right thing to do at the time, Rimmer mentioned recording, so we’ll see.

If you could form a super group of people dead or alive who would be in it and why?

Paul Kossoff, John Bonham, John Entwistle and Jimi Hendrix. I think that supergroup would rock, I’ve always loved the idea of John Bonham and Entwistle together, Koss was a huge fan of Hendrix. And like all great music, they’re all routed in the blues really. I think it’d rock!

Oh and super group with people who are alive…
I spoke to Paul Mahon from The Answer about that actually, we decided it would be Me, him, Jason Bonham, Richard Fortis and Todd ‘damnit’ Kurns! So if Cormac will lend me Paul and the rest of the lads are free watch this space haha!


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