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Published on May 18th, 2016 | by voxx


Being an Ambassador

On Wednesday 24 February 2016 me and a group of students from Linkage went to Birmingham for the day to visit Queen Alexandra College, because there was an event happening at that college to do with Ambassadors.

We all had a good time at Queen Alexandra College. Our presentation went really well explaining what Linkage Community Trust is about as a place for people with disability needs. When we did our presentation we played a little video of what the students at Linkage think about the college and the members of staff who took us to Birmingham were impressed with our progress on how well everybody did.

It was so much fun because as well as doing our presentations we got to meet the other students from other colleges which were involved in the ambassadors for the “a right not a fight” campaign. A lot of the students who we got to meet with from other colleges were really friendly because they came round all the tables and said hello to us all and we all had a chat about what it’s like being an ambassador. It’s a brilliant experience for the student union at colleges such as Linkage and loads more.

It feels really great to be a member of the student union and have a role to take part in and be ambassador at the same time because when you are a member of the student union you get to raise things in the meetings which is brilliant. The student union for Linkage will have another trip happening in June which is to do with “a right not a fight” campaign.

“A right not a fight” campaign is one of the most popular events for colleges with disability needs because these colleges have student unions to raise things if students feel unhappy about something or if they need anything. The student union in colleges with disabilities is like a council which gets involved in different meetings and so the “A right not a fight” campaign is a very important part of this.

The best thing about having a student union is that in the meetings we all get together. The meetings usually last about an hour depending on how much people have to say in these meetings. The reason why I enjoy being a member of the student union is because I have a very fun role which is called the activities officer so my job is to organise any activity which the students choose then they come and speak to me about it and I see what I can do to organise the activities.

I’m going to organise some brilliant activities for the summer term of college towards the summer holidays like sports day and other great events.

Football will be one of the activities on Linkage’s sports day – Not a proper football match but more like a penalty shoot out where you get to score goals from really close and have to try and score against the goalkeeper. There will be a load of other activities as well, like a running race.

The summer term is my favourite time at college because the with the help of the staff I will be able to sort out any fun activity the students will be wanting.

Every year Linkage Community Trust holds a session of wrapping Christmas presents in Freshney Place Shopping Centre, Grimsby and that is all organised by the student union who sort out what dates the session take place and which shop the session takes place in. The student union all work as a team and I look forward to carrying on with them.

- Jack McClean

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