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Published on November 16th, 2016 | by voxx


Batman and Nightwing

I grew up with the Cartoon Network Animated Series, Batman. However I didn’t really think of it too much at that point as I was only a kid. Then as I grew up I started to watch the re-runs of the show and thought ‘wow he’s such a cool character’. When I started Secondary School I just sort of lost touch with anything Batman at that point, as it wasn’t cool to be a ‘geek’, plus girls weren’t really supposed to like ‘guys’ things…

In Year 10 and 11 I did get bullied a heck of a lot and it made me feel utterly worthless and rubbish to be honest and the ‘friends’ I had in school didn’t even bother sticking up for me or anything like that. So I started to go into my shell, so to speak. At that time, I started to see Batman on the TV again and seeing Batman/Bruce going through these daily struggles made me realise that if he can get beaten/bruised and still get up fighting the next day, so can I. From that moment on Batman became my idol/hero, if you will. whilst I didn’t exactly stand up to my bullies, I just ignored them. For a time it got worse but then as they saw it wasn’t affecting me they just stopped and I felt good afterwards because I had finally stood up to them.

The reason I love Nightwing as much as Batman is pretty much because they are both human beings like us. They go out every night patrolling Gotham City/Blüdhaven making sure people are safe, whilst I wouldn’t personally recommend that … You can draw inspiration from that like I have. Basically don’t let anyone get you down or bully you. you’ll end up the stronger one, bullies are cowards- nothing more, nothing less. Nightwing and Batman are fictional and I know that, but to me they are real, they’ve been there through my darkest times when I couldn’t confide in anyone else. I looked and still do look forward to reading about their adventures every month/year.

I’m a huge comic book/movie geek and I love anything Batman or Nightwing related. To me they are my personal heroes through and through, they’ve taught me to stand up to people, never be afraid to be yourself, no matter how much tragedy you go through there is always light at the end of the tunnel, even if it’s in comic books or movies, they take me to a whole different place. One that I can look forward to, no worries or no fear of being judged. All I can do is just be me.

Two of my personal favorite quotes from my heroes that have gotten me through dark times and are helping me through my anxiety…

Batman: ‘Why Do We Fall? So We Can Learn To Pick Ourselves Up’.
Nightwing: ‘You’ll Never Know If You Can Fly. Unless You Take The Risk Of Falling’.

‘We’re not defined by our tragedies or our turning points. We’re defined by the choices we make in the face of them. We’re defined by how we choose to react to being challenged’.

Love to all my fellow superhero nerds out there.

By Charlotte Winter

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