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Music Cancer Bats_004

Published on June 16th, 2017 | by voxx


Bat Sabbath (Cancer Bats), The Temple and Contours

Welly – Hull 12/06/2017

I was lucky enough to see the last ever Black Sabbath show at the Birmingham NEC and it was amazing but I couldn’ t help but feel like I wanted more – it was a bittersweet experience to say the least.

Well tonight the Itch that lingered was certainly scratched courteously of Canadian Hardcore outfit Cancer Bats.

Before we gCONTOURS_002et too that however – Contours have a new singer and it’ s only that big loud fella Luther out of my favourite local Core band Antiquity. Contours were loud and heavy before but sweet jesus they really will blow your ears out now – it’ s really nice too see a rejuvenated lineup, ramped up established material and the shape of things too come with a pounding soul destroying new track. Luther has extended his range as well to suit the band’ s more popping sound while not compromising on that growl that gives the devil migraines. HELL YES!

The Temple – Wow these guys impress. No holds barred throbbing RockCONTOURS_004 from Doncaster – it’ s all the best bits of bands like Turbonegro mixed with the swing and polish of Royal Blood and the darkness of QOTSA. Heavy, Hip Swinging screeching vocals and guitars, riff heavy too the hilt. Bass is pumping, pulsating and the driving sound that lingers long after the set hadownload (1)s finished. Drums punch holes in your ear drums. I couldn’ t stop moving through their set which takes some doing the first time I see any band – Really hope these guys are back again soon!

And now Black Sabbath’ s Greatest hits – I wasn’ t sure what I was expecting here would it be a sound-a-like recreation? Hardcore Covers? Something bloody weird? It was all three and by hell did it do the trick. Many forget the influence of Sabbath, the sound, the song structure, the RIFFS (“someone think of the RIFFS!”). Take a modern Hardcore Guitar sound and play the opening bars of ‘ Black Sabbath’ or ‘ Children of the Grave’ and it just works. By hell it just really really works.Cancer Bats_003

The guys dance effortlessly through a retrospective of the bands work, everything gets a look in from the finest years of Ozzy and boys musical career. “Into the Void” does weird things too the root of my being when I hear the original this was something else, that opening riff will never sound the same too me now – Thank You. “NIB”, “War Pigs”, “Iron Man” I can go on and on with how impressed I was. Please do more of this – Lots more!


Words: Luke Goodhand

Photos: Rowan Zynoni

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