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Published on October 9th, 2017 | by voxx


10 Facts about the Human Body

As Monday morning rolls round and you sluggishly attempt to prep yourself for a day of stress and hard work, those few natural thoughts occur. What if I moved away and became an Icelandic sheepherder? What if I married a rich man? Or what if I was a cat? While the idea of becoming a cat has its vantage points of being waited on hand and foot while being allowed to chase butterflies and sleep all day, there are things which make you, in your base self, one of the most phenomenal creatures on earth.

  1. Your bones are 5x stronger than a steel bar, and the largest bone can support 30x your own weight.
  2. Your stomach acid can dissolve much more than food; it can dissolve metals, such as zinc.
  3. The human eye can distinguish around 7 million different colours.
  4. Every seven years, all of the cells in the human body completely renewed themselves.
  5. The human brain generates more electrical impulses in a day than all the telephones in the world combined.
  6. As well as all your cells renewing, your skeleton renews itself every 10 years.
  7. The memory of the human brain has the equivalent capacity to more than 4 terabytes of hard drive.
  8. Your heart pumps around 3 million litres of blood a year.
  9. 50,000 of your cells have died and been replaced by the time you have finished this sentence.
  10. The muscles in your eyes which help you focus complete around 100,000 movements a day. To equate this to walking, you would have to walk 80km.

So being a cat could be cool, but I think that the ability to eat chocolate, see in colour, become a completely new person biologically every 10 years, and have a memory wider than most standard laptop models is way more awesome.

- By Imogen Hartley

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