Chinese students make advert

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Via The Grimsby Institute for Further and Higher Education, 20/12/2012
International media students at the Grimsby Institute have had their final project accepted as the official promotional video for a local sports club.

Zeng Yulin, Xinran Huang and Huang Zili came to Grimsby from Guangzhou University, Xiamen University and South China Agricultural University in China to study on the 12 week TV Programme with English short course. Their final project was to work towards a live brief set by the tutors and supported by The Humber Sports Partnership. 

Interview with the voice of VOXX

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By Poppy Danby
At 21 years old, Charlotte Young is VOXX’s magazine’s longest serving volunteer. Having just graduated with a degree in journalism she is now looking forward to a career in media. As if that’s not enough, she’s also interviewed the likes of Matt Cardle and The Saturdays, all in the name of writing. 
So how did she get here? 

Ask Cara

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Work, let’s face it. You’ve got to do it and if you are going to do it you might as well be doing what you love and working for yourself. In this edition of VOXX, reader Connor asks Inc’s Cara Oakley, just what it takes to make it as an entrepeneur in the world today. (Note, this article first appeared in VOXX issue 30)
What qualifications do you need to run your own business?

Let's talk Crepe

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Poppy Danby & Naomi Davies interview Crepe Lucette’s Lucie Mountain (Note: This article first appered in issue 30 of VOXX)
When you hear the word vintage, what do you think? Big dresses and glamorous fashion? Maybe. Rock and roll music and black and white films? Perhaps. How about crepes? Lucie Mountain, founder of Crepe Lucette - the delicious crepe company with a vintage twist - explains how her food can transport you back in time.

Chatting out back

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Zoe Harrington interviews the project Producer and Executive Bully at Backyard Productions, Darren Scales. (Note: This article first appeared in VOXX issue 30)
Are the original members still the driving force behind Backyard Productions?


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